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Hot pressed snagging wheels
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Hot pressed snagging wheels

Type: 1VS
Designation: 1VS DxTxH

These wheels are designed to be used on automatic grinding machines (for example: Centro-Maskin, Schlüter, Sket ect.) and are ideal for snagging of billets, ingots, blooms and slabs - for steel works in rolling mills, smithies, and steel foundries.

Hot pressed wheels are renowned for their high rate of stock removal and extremely long life. Swaty hot pressed wheels are manufactured to the highest standard and are covered by DSA 2873 safety certificate for speeds up to 80 m/s. This standard corresponds to German VBG-UVV49 and it is also in conformity with F.E.P.A. safety codes.

Grinding wheels are produced in the following dimensions (mm), whereby special tolerances for holes are implemented:

for 80 m/s, hole tolerance +0,55
for 63 m/s, hole tolerance +0,65

Wheels are manufactured of special aluminium oxides (for example zirconium aluminium oxide), respectively mixtures of special aluminium oxides. To ensure the correct choice is made, we would suggest that you consult our technicians.

Ordering example : 1VS 610x76x203,2 XA8 Z B80, 80 m/s

Grinding wheels for ironworks and foundries in types: 1, 1VS, 15, 11P, 17R in 18R

Snagging grinding wheels
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