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Fields of application

Diamond and boron nitride (cubic boron nitride - CBN) DIABON grinding tools are suitable for the most demanding work since they ensure quality and precise, fast and economical grinding. DIABON tools distinguish themselves for high profile persistence and high material removal ability. They enable low pressure grinding without overheating and therefore even by materials hardest to work on no defects or cracks appear. Diamond and boron nitride DIABON grinding tools are produced in resinoid bond. Their application is universal whereby they can be used for dry and wet grinding

When ordering please specify the folowing:

  • Grinding tool type
  • Grinding tool dimensions
  • Quality specification:
    • type of abrasive,
    • grain size,
    • bond hardness grade,
    • concentration of abrasive grain,
    • bond type
  • Grinding method (wet or dry)

Ordering example: 6A2 100-6-2 102 B 107 R 100 B 47 S

6 A2 grinding tool type
100 grinding tool diameter(D)
6 abrasive coating width(W)
2 abrasive coating thickness(X)
hole diameter(H)
102B grain type
107 grain size
R hardness grade
100 concetration(%)
B47S bond

Give hole diameter only if not standard (20mm).

If you can not specify order data yourselves please consult our technicians

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