výroba rezného a brúsneho materiálu
grinding wheel factory
precise grinding
mounted wheels
cut-off wheels

autorizovaný importér a distribútor

Hradná 6/188
945 01 Komárno

tel.: +421 35 7900020
fax.: +421 35 7900029
email: info@swaty.sk
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Grinding wheels factory Swaty was established by chemist Franz Swaty in 1879 so that it is one of the oldest European producers of grinding tools.

At the beginning the production was based on a patented procedure for production of grinding wheels in mineral bond. This production was abandoned in 1958 when it was substituted by up to dated production programmes

To meet the increasing demand of industry the production of grinding wheels in vitrified bond was introduced at the end of 1929. The production of grinding wheels in resinoid bond, at present the strongest production line, was started in 1946.